Raw Fleece


Raw fleece may have very tiny bits of debris in the neck area.  These bits are difficult to remove without destroying that part of the fleece. It is usually only the upper neck area that is affected.


Raw fleece is from our shearing and has been skirted well, which means that most of the vegetable matter has been removed.  I rough skirt the fleece on my skirting table just after the shearer hands it to me.  I wrap it in cotton and store it until all shearing has been completed.  Later I put it back on the table and go through it inch by inch removing as much grass, hay, dirt or other debris as possible.  Only then do I put it up for sale.  I love the natural color, the sheepy smell and the wonderful soft fluffiness of the fleece at this stage.  I set the best fleeces aside for handspinners and may reserve one or two for show. Sold by pound.


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