100% Shetland Wool Fleece – Washed



This washed 100% Shetland Wool Fleece has been skirted, washed with a wool soap, rinsed and dried.  The lanolin which is present in a raw fleece is nearly gone.  The sheep structure of the shorn fleece is gone and the fleece no longer holds together with leg, neck and tail placement apparent.   During washing the fleece separates into clumps of soft locks. The individual locks are easily visible and can be separated by grasping the tip of the lock and pulling it from the fleece.  I gather a handfuls of locks and stack them for use.  Locks may be used as they are for felting ornaments or spun into an art yarn.  If not, they can be hand or drum carded into fluffy puffs of fiber and spun on a drop or supported spindle or a spinning wheel. Shetland wool is a fine wool that is great for next to skin softness and good for making baby items.  It has a “rustic” quality that makes it great to knit with and prefect for colorwork garments.  This fleece is quite soft and will make a lovely shawl, sweater or other garment depending on how it is spun or woven. Sold by oz.


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