Welcome to Echo Valley Farm
Hello again KEFO friends
Our Christmas trees are now eleven years old, and are ready to be part of your family's Holiday tradition. 

We are offering both cut-your-own and delivered Norway Spruce Christmas trees for the 2006 holiday season. Norway Spruce make very attractive Christmas trees with short dark-green needles and dense branch growth. Sizes available range from as small as 4 feet, up to 8+ foot tall trees.

If you're interested, please bring your family out to the farm to select and cut your own tree. Alternately, let me know the size and I will deliver your tree here to the office. If you notice trees here in my truck, feel free to take a look. 

Pricing is the same as last year. $3 per approximate foot of tree with a $5 discount if you cut-your-own.

Please feel free to email or come by if you're interested or have any questions. My cube is just inside the back door on the west side.

I'm excited about sharing this Christmas experience with you again this year. Happy Holidays! John
Contact Information
Phone :
John    865.742.6283
Address :
Blaine, TN
An enjoyable 30 min drive
from Knoxville.
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